The Fever series – Karen Marie Moning


Have I already talked about this on here? I don’t think so. Let me tell you a short story of me reading these books.

I’ve been watching one of my favorite booktuber, GingerReadsLainey, talk about her recent reads last year. She was raving about them, so I decided to pick the first one up. It wasn’t good. I didn’t really enjoy it, the main character got on my last nerve, it was “meh”. But Lainey promised the series was getting better with each book, so I read the second one. Not great, but better. By that time though, even through the flaws that I saw, I was starting to get curious about the story. So I picked up the third, and oh my was that a good idea. By then, I was properly hooked, and I was warming up to the main character. The 4th and 5th book were 5 stars, the 5th being one of the best finale for a book series that I read in a long time. But the main thing about them was the book hangover. Man, it was brutal.

If you don’t know, this is Urban Fantasy. ADULT Urban Fantasy. It’s not romance or erotica and that aspect doesn’t drive the plot at all, but it’s definitely there. The worldbuilding and myths used in this series are well developped and interesting. There is challenges to be faced, murderers to find, monsters to kill, secrets to uncover. Oh, so many secrets. This series has mastered the slow built romance. The two protagonists involved basically hate eachother’s guts for most of the series, but the tension. THE TENSION.

Let me introduce you to Jericho Barrons, the sexiest character every written. This man (I use that word loosely) is the supreme alpha; mysterious, raw force, broody, smart, exuding seeeeexuality. sorry I’m loosing my mind. He’s a beast, he knows it, he likes it, he’s not a good guy and he never wants you to believe so. As he says so well : “I’m not the hero, Mac. Never have been. Never will be. Let us be perfectly clear: I’m not the antihero, either, so quit waiting to discover my hidden potential. There’s nothing to redeem me.”

And yet.

I can’ even put his quotes on here, because if you don’t know the character, they won’t have the same effect on you they have on me. But I wanted to make a post with pictures of him because I need to externalize, lol. If you type Jericho Barrons, who’s a fictional character, on Google image, you’ll see the same dude a lot, BECAUSE HE’S FREAKING PERFECT FOR HIM. Add a little bit of muscles to the guy, and it’s him. It’s so him! And please, if you’re remotely into this genre of fiction (I wasn’t) please give this series a try, and push through the first book. And if you like romance and smutty stuff, but aren’t too much into paranormal, I’d still say give it a go because I’m not into paranormal at all and this is a series I’ll reread, and reread again.

This post is coming to you because I decided to reread the series last week and I’m still reeling from it. If you didn’t know that it’s possible to get a solid book hangover from the same book(s) twice, I confirm it. Now, let me present you, ladies & ladies, Jericho Barrons in the flesh (and if you have read the series, tell me if you agree) :









(Because yes, in addition to being a badass, he owns a bookstore. Seriously.)


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  1. Great review… and because those pics of Jericho gave me a twixt in my nethers 😉

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