Me Before You – Movie adaptation review

I saw the movie adaptation of this great novel yesterday and it was everything. I didn’t disappointed me at all.

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First of all, every seat was taken. The room was packed. I love seeing movies like this with a crowd around me, because then we can laugh together, and tear up together, and it feels good to share these emotions. 90% of the book is in the movie, so you don’t miss out on anything important by just watching the movie. There was only one detail that wasn’t in the movie that I wish they had included, but at the same time I understand that they wanted the movie to be lighter and heartwarming. I’m talking about the traumatic event that happened in Lou’s past, I won’t tell too much about it even though it’s not really a spoiler, but there were a couple of scenes in the book related to this that I thought enhanced their relationship.

The actors are great, obviously, but not just the leads, the family members too. Will’s parents, Lou’s parents, Neville (hum I mean, Patrick), Nathan! I loved them all. Perfect casting, really. Some bits are so funny you can’t help but laugh out loud. Often, Emilia Clarke’s facial expressions are to blame, eheh (those eyebrows, though).

Other times, you’ll wipe some tears, and hear a chorus of sniffling around you. A nice little moment happened in the theater when the scene was very emotional and completely silent, and the sniffling all around was so obvious that everybody starting giggling because of it, but then the movie continued to be sad so the sniffling continued. Also, I heard some unmistakably male sniffling. Dudes, let your ego out the door for that one, it won’t help you during this movie.

As I said, they wanted to show an heartwarming story and they succeeded, regardless of the sad bits. It’s a movie I would pay to see again, if the occasion presented itself.

Share your thoughts in the comment section if you see it! Also, there was a moment where every single person in the room made a AWWWW sound. Tell me when you think that was 😛


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  1. I’ve been wanting to see this forever and I have yet to go to the movies to watch it! I’m mentally crying. Fingers crossed I get to watch it before it’s out of the theaters!

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