February Wrap-Up / Mini Reviews

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♥♥♥   Feverborn (Fever#8) by Karen Marie Moning  // Read from Jan 18 to Feb 4, ebook

A better instalment than the previous two in my opinion, but a very frustrating cliffhanger ending. You know when you love a series so much that you SO wish it could continue, that you SO wish the author would consider writing more? Well sometimes you realize it would have been better left alone after all. The first 5 books were a perfect whole, they started okay and got better and better. Now I’m not even sure I’ll be excited to pick up the next book when it comes out next year.

♥♥♥♥   The Space Between (Outlander #7.5) by Diana Gabaldon // Read from Feb 4 to Feb 5, ebook

I had this in my ipad for a while, since I read the series last year. I didn’t pick it up because it wasn’t about any of the main characters and I thought it wasn’t going to be really interesting. I found myself somewhere with nothing to do, having just finished the previous book and this was the only unread think in my e-library. I started it. Right away, I remembered how I liked Diana’s writing. She’s pretty much good at everything; descriptions, dialogues, humor, and you know nothing is superfluous, every detail means something or is going to later. I flew through it and it made me really anticipate my reread of Dragonfly in Amber that I plan in March (before the 2nd season of the tv show starts).

♥♥♥      Tinder Nightmares by Uninspirational // Read from Jan 24 to Feb 7, paperback

This was not really planned. I was at the bookstore with a 10$ coupon that was about to expire and didn’t really know what to buy. I saw that on a table and skimmed through, thinking it’d be a funny bedside table read. It did its job, of making me laugh. I don’t exactly know how the Tinder app works, and honestly I’m not interested. The main positive of this compilation wasn’t the actual conversations copy-pasted on the page, but the funny, witty, sarcastic comments the “authors” wrote below them. On point.

♥♥ 1/2   The Magicians by Lev Grossman // Read from Feb 7 to Feb 16, paperback

I’ve been eyeing this forever, owning it for years. Large fantasy books are always so daunting, I was pushing it back for unknown reasons. I really wanted to love this book, but I couldn’t. About halfway through, I found myself not caring about any of the characters nor the plot nor the magic system. I knew that stuff was happening, but it still felt as if it wasn’t going anywhere. Also, ALL the damn characters in this book are either awful people or depressing. At some point it got way to “Narnia influenced” for me to take it seriously. I can’t believe it’s a trilogy. I’l probably read the sequel at some point because I own it, but if I didn’t I think I’d stop there.

♥♥♥        Brooklyn by Colm Toibin // Read from Feb 17 to Feb 25, paperback

I bought this book the day after I watched the movie. I quite enjoyed the movie, and I thought, as it usually happens, that I would get even more of the story by reading the book. Alas, the book fell flat. Halfway through I told myself thank God I have images from the movie to accompany these words otherwise I’d be bored as F. So yeah, it was pretty slow and all the characters annoying for different reasons. The relationships not as passionate, the main character not as likeable. The ending is also too abrupt. All in all still a 3 stars because of the beautiful writing and the time period, but not something I’ll ever want to read again.

♥♥         Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie // Read from Feb 26 to Feb 29

I don’t think I ever watched a Peter Pan movie nor any retelling so I wasn’t familiar with the story and I didn’t really know what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect a ”children literature classic” to include a fairies using vulgar language and unsteadily walking home from an orgie in the middle of the night?! Also, and I say this knowing this was written way back in the days, but the blatant sexism in this makes it a little hard to appreciate from a contemporary stand point. I imagine that the Disney movie twerked some of that out. I’m curious to watch it, but as for the book, I didn’t particularily enjoy it, nor do I plan on reading this to my future kids.


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