TOP 5 favorites/flops of 2015 !

Hola! I’ve been SO M.I.A this year it’s ridiculous. A lot of personal life changes and all that. Anyhow, here is the list! Click on the picture to open the book Goodreads page in a separate tab!

Numba 5

I’m going to cheat a little bit by including two whole series in this top 5 because I do what I want it’s my blog. 😛 Anyway 2015 has been the year of graphic novels for me, I’ve read a ton, and my favorites were the Locke & Key series by Joe Hill. It consists of 6 volumes and is kind of hard to describe, it mixes a lot of genres and that’s why I think a lot of people would like it.


Numba 4

I’ve read a lot of Colleen Hoover books (and by that I mean everything she’s published) last year and I read this one right when it came out and it didn’t disappoint. It was a perfect 5 stars for me, it’s just not higher on my list because I have other 5 stars and a girl need to make choices but I think Confess is my second favorite after Maybe Someday. I loved and respected both main characters a lot, and I feel like girl characters in these  girlier/new adult books can be pretty stereotypical, or straight annoying, but not this time. There is a sort of secret you come to discover at some point that changes your perception of her completely and the guy is also not the typical attractive-brooding-bad-boy-but-with-a-soft-heart or whatever. Nothing ground breaking either, let us be clear, but it does what it means to do and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Numba 3

I’m not being very original here because The Martian received A LOT of attention this year, as often happens when a movie adaptation is released (and a mighty good one in this case), but I swear to you I picked it up before knowing there was even any talk of a movie, and I loooved it. Some of the negative reviews talk about too specific/scientific details but I personally found them fascinating, and honestly we needed to understand that stuff to really get the full impact of the story, plus it was just very informative and interesting. A lot of humor also, just great all around.

Numba 2


Here is my second cheat, even though contrary to the Locke & Key volumes, each and every one of the books in the Outlander series are very different in style and story line. There is 8 as of yet and to some I gave 4 stars, to others 5 stars, but since I read them pretty much back to back I’m kind of hazy about where which ends and the other one starts. All I can tell you is PHEW, what a ride. Each and every one are as thick as my head (wait, was that the wrong analogy to make?) they are just very big, very lenghty/wordy, very historically-driven and very political, but also very well balanced with just the right amount of romanticism and emotional turmoil. You can tell the woman knows how to research because even though you’re reading a fiction, everything is based on true historical events and everything feels very real and probable. The characters are all very well developed, very complex, some are passionate, some are stubborn, some you love, some you loathe, they feel like real people. It’s actually very hard to categorize, but regardless of the mildly boring bits (because yes, with that amount of plot lines and characters, some are bound to capture your interest less than others), I thoroughly enjoyed them, plan on reading them multiple times in the future, and can’t wait for book 9 to come out!

NUMBA 1 ! (Drum roll)


Ready Player One was everything I wanted and more. It made me geek out like a total nerd the whole time, made me reminisce of my younger self playing mmorpg online with people I never met and never would but who felt like good friends with whom I would play, battle and quest, but also just talk and relax. The whole premise of playing a game in a virtual reality was wicked cool enough, well thought out and well detailed, and it made sense even though it’s not yet something possible for us. I also liked the ‘real life’ side of the story, who amplified my respect and empathy for the characters and especially Wade. I’m a 90s kid so most the 80s references were lost on me, but just knowing they were based on reality made me smile. I will definitly reread this one at some time too, because I  just remember how happy it made me and how I wanted more when it ended.



 Now I don’t want to spend too much time bashing books so I won’t go into too much detail here, but just for the record, here are the 5 books I enjoyed the least this year, in no particular order:

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Ok so Valley of Horses is the sequel to Clan of the Cave bear in the Earth’s Children series, the first one was 3.5 stars for me, I was still interested in the premise so I picked up the sequel and it was horribly boring. It took everything I had to finish it and to be honest, I skipped a few chapters because I just couldn’t. Won’t continue the series.

Girl, Interrupted was just a random book I bought used for really cheap, I didn’t see the movie but knew it was some sort of memoir, and it also was very boring. I thought I’d whizzed through it since it’s so short but everyting in this felt uninteresting.

Forgive me Leonard Peacock is a pretty popular young adult book, but the main character annoyed me, I know he’s a teenager but his internal monologue was so immature and the whole thing felt unrealistic, well maybe not the general situation of a kid in depression wanting to shoot all his friends with a gun before offing himself, unfortunately it’s a bit too real these days, but just the way it was done, I don’t exactly know but I didn’t believe it. The main problem I had with this book was pretty similar to the reason I gave Thirteen Reasons Why 1 star 2 years ago, someone blaming everybody else and plotting some kind of irreversible revenge on them for what seems like no good reason at all, just isn’t for me.

Sex Criminals is a graphic novel series and I read the first 2 volumes, it wasn’t horrible but I was somewhat expecting to enjoy them way more and again, was mildy bored all the way through and won’t continue on with it. Nothing much more to say.

Life and Death was also a disappointment but since it was a complete surprise it’s not like I’ve been waiting for months. Actually, after finishing it I would have returned the damn book and spent my 20$ on something better but I lost my receipt. Damn waste of my time, but I won’t bash too much because I get that it was never meant as a ”new novel” but just as bonus content. I just didn’t feel like the concept worked at all. A completed Midnight Sun would have been far more interesting, but oh well.

There you Go! Hope you had a great reading year and I’ll post my 2016 reading goals and resolutions on January 1st ! 🙂


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