Review – Harry Potter, The Character’s Vault


So. Obviously this is a beautiful book that I’m more than glad to add to my (overflowing) Harry Potter shelf. My only problem with it is that I already knew about 70% of what was in there. Actually, I feel as though they regurgitated info from the big Page to Screen book (that is over 530 very large pages long) and separated it into smaller and themed books. Talk about a money driven idea!

This book is all about the characters, every one of them have a dedicated page or two, with a few info on the character arc, some commentaries from the actor playing it, from the costume designer or director, a few pictures and a description of his/her wand, that last part totally a space filler if you ask me. Then there is the Creatures Vault that came out last year, the Artifacts Vault that’s due to come out in 2016.. So as I say, Page to Screen ALREADY have extensive sections on all these subjects … please consider this before buying the Vault books as they are not cheap either. That’s why I’m only giving it 3.5 stars.

That being said, if you don’t own or haven’t read Page to Screen, you will probably learn a lot of behind the scenes stuff, and the concept art included in every few pages makes it worth it as a collector’s item. If that were the case for me, it’d got 5 stars no doubt.

Here are the pictures or other books mentionned:

10785687 22328567 the-artifact-vault


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    1. It is very pretty. I like that it’s all black.

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