Book Review – Y The Last Man by Brian K Vaughn

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Before I start this review, I might want to mention that I binged read the 10 volumes in about 5 days. I do think that the experience or the appreciation of a series can vary whether you read it over a longer span of time, with other books in between, or all at once without any interruption. In my opinion, you have a better sense of the story as a whole because you don’t have time to forget details, and you also grow more attached to the characters since you are with them from beginning to end. The book hangover is also a bit stronger in this situation. Anyway, here are a few thoughts.

The first reason I got interested by this is the author. After reading Saga, which is an ongoing graphic novel series by Brian K Vaughn and quite possibly my favorite, I was looking for something similar. I saw that title on Amazon and it was receiving decent reviews so I put the first volume in my cart, but I never ended up buying it because I thought 10 volumes at 10-15$ each was quite the monetary commitment. I got the very lucky occasion to find the whole series sitting for 4$ each at a thrift store. I almost ran to the shelf because I couldn’t believe it was sitting there waiting for me. Needless to say, I bought them then and there. Ok this is getting random, let me give you a short synopsis:

                Yorrick Brown, the main protagonist, is the last man on earth. The story begins before what they call ‘’the plague’’ happens, and in each volumes you get a lot of back and forth before, after, and also you get to see what’s happening in different part of the world. Obviously every story line is connected. Also, a problem I often have with graphic novels that switches time period is that they get hard to follow, but this one was never confusing. You see him evolve and trying to survive in the new women-driven society in a 4 year-time span.

I got annoyed in the first few volumes because of an extreme-feminist-man-are-all-animals-and-rapists group of character that was all for destructing everything man-related and being very unreasonable about it but they weren’t featured too much throughout the rest of the series. I got attached to him and some of his female-sidekicks. And let’s not forget his pet monkey, who plays a very important part in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t really have anything to say about the art style, it was fine. If you’re looking for a graphic novel series that is complete (so you won’t have to wait 8 months between every volume release), that packs an emotional punch with a good dose of humor, I highly recommend. I gave every volume a 4 stars rating.

Do you love graphic novels? I think it’s a nice way to bump up your reading challenge quickly 🙂


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