2014 reading wrap-up and plans for 2015!

Hello lovelies.

Here are the 94 books I read in 2014, in order, Hopeless being the last one I finished on December 30th.





My goal was to read 52 books, which was way less than I read in 2013, but I didn’t want to set up a challenge too high because it was my last semester at University because graduating, I had 6 classes (the usual maximum is 5, so it was meant to be a really busy time for me, and it was!) a summer class after that, and the start of a full time job in the fall. But regardless of all that, I still managed a good deal more than I thought, so hurray for me!


In 2015, I set myself a pretty high goal of 100 books to read, but being done with school, I have a lot more free time so it’s totally manageable. I will also attempt to complete the following challenge:

2015 reading challenges

To read more on how I plan to do it and what categories I think will prove the hardest to complete, visit my READING CHALLENGE page up in the menu.

How did your reading year go? What were your favorite books? Your least favorites?


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