Book Review – Let it Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle

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I first bought this book because it had John Green’s name on it, at the same time I bought Tfios, Looking for Alaska, Papertowns and Will Grayson. Back then, I bought them all because they were getting so much hype. I didn’t know that I would find John Green’s writing pretentious and repetitive. I digress, but let me just tell you that out of the 3 short stories, his was the most disappointing, and at this point I’m not really surprised.


Let it Snow has a really nice concept. 3 separate stories with overlapping plotlines and characters, but only slightly. They all take place in the same town during one heck of a snow storm. That idea was so lovely I was sure I’d love it. Oh and let me mention that reading this after My True Love Gave to Me was a mistake since the latter was much better and therefore, set the bar pretty high, but here are my brief thoughts about the 3 stories.

21-Snowflake THE JUBILEE EXPRESS by Maureen Johnson is by far the best out of the three. I have never read anything by this author but now I’d like to read more from her, since I liked the characters, the pacing of the story and the humor in it. Basically, it starts of with Jubilee’s (that’s her name) parents being stuck in jail on Christmas Eve and forcing her to take a train to Florida to spend Christmas with her grand-parents, the train gets stuck in a random small town because of the snow and then she meets people and stuff happens. It was pretty good. 4 stars

21-Snowflake A CHEERTASTIC CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by John Green was the second story and I didn’t like it. I thought the plot was stupid, the characters were stupid, the humor was stupid, I wasn’t interested by any of it and if it had been a book in itself, I wouldn’t have finished it. There is a storm, streets are impassable, etc. They’re too easily convinced by another friend to leave the house and drive 20 miles from there in the middle of the night for the stupidest reason, which turns out to be really dangerous, then again, stuff happens, and it pretty much ends in the most predictable way. And there is so many people on Goodreads saying that the only good story of the 3 is this one. I don’t get it, 2 stars at best

21-Snowflake THE PATRON SAINT OF PIGS by Lauren Myracle is the 3rd story. With a title like that, I was afraid of what it was going to be about and I wasn’t in the mood for another crappy story. It was not as boring as the previous, but not much better. The main character annoyed me very much, and it didn’t feel like she evolved at all through the story, so again not a great one BUT I liked that it tied every other story up in the end, with all the characters meeting fortuitously in the Starbucks where the girl works. I wouldn’t say it was done “well” but at least it was there. 2.5 stars

Overall I give this book a 3. Not all bad but not as Christmassy as I would have liked, in addition with the general annoyance I had with a lot of the characters.


Did you read it? Did you enjoy it more than I did? What story was your favorite?


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