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Hey guys! In honor of Christmas being officially 3 weeks away I decided to do a Top 5 of Christmas Reads. A little disclaimer before I start, some of these I won’t have read yet because I have a bunch to get to this month! But you can still take this little list as reference because I will explain why I chose to include these particular books.  I’ve also decided to add my 4 favorite Christmas movies.



21-Snowflake 5 –  Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand. This is an adult novel of less than 300 pages. It’s the story of a family gathering for the Holidays at the local inn (called Winter Street) owned by the father of 4 grown adults that each live a separate life but come together to celebrate Christmas. But as we know, adult life isn’t always easy and all 4 of them have personal issues to deal with and when they all gather some of their problems pop up and they have to deal with them as a family. I haven’t read this yet but from what I understand it’s a story about how the Christmas spirit and family bonds can affect our life and it has been described as “heart-warming” so I would definitely give it a try. [GOODREADS PAGE]



 4- Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan & Rachel Cohn is a short young adult story that takes place around the Holiday time and even if the main theme of the story isn’t really Christmas you can definitely feel it in the story. It also takes place in New York city which is in my opinion a very festive place around Christmas (with the quantity of shopping areas and the huge tree for New Year). It is considered a romance but it’s a very realistic one where everything doesn’t always go as planned and the ending you wish for isn’t always the best one. I liked Dash and Lily a lot, I felt like they were funny and mature but still acting like their age. And it made me want to go to NY very much. I went a bunch of times but never around Christmas. It’s a light and quick read so I suggest you give it a go 🙂   [GOODREADS PAGE]

let it snow


 3- Let It Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson is a very well known collection of 3 young adult novellas taking place around Christmas. I’m pretty sure everybody has heard of this since it’s been published years ago but what I can mention is that they are 3 separate stories and from what I’ve heard they come together at the conclusion of the third one. I LOOOOVE stories where you have many different storylines that converges into one, it just always feel like fate, and you’re thinking “all this time it was leading to this, wonderful” anyway I’ll be sure to read this book before the month is over!  [GOODREADS PAGE]

my true love


 2- My true Love Gave to Me by *taking a deep breath* Stephanie Perkins, Holly Black, Rainbow Rowell, Jenny Han, Gayle Forman, David Levithan, Laini Taylor, Kiersten White, Ally Carter, Myra McEntire, Matt de la Pena and Kelly Link, most of which you probably already have heard of or read the book of (I personally only never heard of the last 3) and as you probably can guess, is a sort of anthology of 12 Christmas short stories. It came out recently but has gotten a lot of hype so you probably also have heard of it by now but I can’t wait to dive into it (I’m currently reading it now) and I’ll be sure to make a review discussion my opinon of each story. It’s the perfect bedside table book because you can read one story every night, or here and there in between books, or just from beginning to end like I plan to do, at your leisure. Fun fact, the cover of the american edition shows a bunch of people ice skating on a lake and all of those people are actually all of the 12 couples from the story. So as you read, you can try to find which is which according to their description. I think it’s a super cute idea!  [GOODREADS PAGE]



 1- A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Here’s the thing. This story is universally known by pretty much everyone. There has been a TON, and I mean a TON of adaptations of this story, but in children books, in tv shows, in movies, in theater plays, it’s been first published in 1843 and it’s the ultimate Christmas story. But even if most of you know about Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, you may not have actually read the story. It’s very short, and beautifully crafted. I always loved the movies that came out of it, as you’ll see from my favorite of all time below, but I only read the book 2 years ago for a school project that I chose to do on it. I read the original version, and 2 different translations. I really got to experience the love of description and details of Dickens. The writing can be a little dense (some sentences go on for a whole paragraph) but it is by no mean a “heavy” story. I enjoyed it so much! [GOODREADS PAGE]


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Nothing says Christmas like a feast in the Great Hall. Who wouldn’t want to be at Hogwarts with its huge trees and hundreds of floating candle-lights, who wouldn’t want to visit Hogsmeade to buy a ton of sweets to devour in your pj’s when it’s snowing outside, who wouldn’t want to receive a flying broomstick as a present? I mean, come on. I chose the first one because it’s the most magical in my opinion, with Harry discovering everything for the first time.

Miracle on the 34th Street


I chose a picture of the 1947 movie but the remake of 1994 is also great. This story is such a joy filled one, I didn’t watch it last year and I must now because it’s the perfect movie to watch around Christmas time. The typical story about dreams coming true if you believe in them, a little girl meeting a shopping mall Santa Claus who convinces her he’s the real deal. Everybody has seen this movie, I don’t think I need to keep going.

The Polar Express

Polar_expressI love trains, I love Tom Hanks, I love magic. I couldn’t not love this movie. I know it’s also a children’s book, and honestly I don’t know which came first but the important thing is the movie is wonderful. It’s the story of a boy who kind of stopped believing in Santa Claus and he’s woken up in the middle of the night by this train that seems to come out of nowhere and stops right in front of his house. He finds himself with a ticket in his pocket and decides to embark on what he doesn’t know is a journey to the North Pole. The graphics are superb and just speaking about it makes me want to watch it.

A Christmas Carol

a-christmas-carol-jim-carreyGod I loved this movie. It’s my favorite of all time. It’s not a “light and sweet” Christmas movie, if you know the story you know why, but it’s so true to the book, the visual effects are amazing and Jim Carrey plays the perfect Scrooge (and a bunch of other characters including the 3 ghosts). First time I saw it, I had a hard time with the language because he takes a pretty strong british accent with a bunch of old words that I didn’t catch up on, but after reading the book it’s gotten much easier. You need to watch this version, it’s the best one to date in my opinion (and if you can get your hands on the dvd/blu ray, watch the making of in the bonus features, it’s super interesting how they created the digital images from the real actors).


(Ok I just spent 2 hours on this article ^_^’) I wish you all a great holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas or not! And as usual, happy reading 🙂


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