Book Review – A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall


I must say the title of A Little Something Different is much more representative of the book itself than the story. It is indeed the somewhat particular concept of a love story, or should I say, the beginning of one, told from 14 different perspectives EXCLUDING the 2 main characters. Indeed, you get to see Lea and Gabe’s story unfold through a bunch of different people in their entourage, including their close friends of course, but also a bus driver, a waitress, a Starbucks barista, a teacher, the wife of said teacher, a squirrel, and a park bench. Yes, a park bench. Could have been a total miss, but it worked. I mean, there are people sitting on benches, right? You get to hear a lot of conversations, as a bench. Anyway, you get the jist.
So here is the review I wrote on Goodreads minutes after finishing the book:

This story is so cute, so cute. It had some flaws but I just cant get myself not to give it 5 stars because it made me smile and laugh countless times, and swoon at the end. I’m not kidding, I got all tingly. (Maybe I’m not explaining this right, but you know when something’s so darn cute and finally happening you just can’t contain yourself and you need to either squeal or slap you hands together and look totally silly? Well, yeah)

That’s right, I squealed. But when I talk about flaws, I mean the fact that everybody around them instantly (and conveniently) saw them as a match made in heaven. I mean, I think it’s pushing it to imagine that the bus driver notices them while they’re barely even speaking with eachother to the point of talking about them to his wife. Don’t get me wrong, the man seems sweet and no he didnt come accross creepy like some people said in their reviews, but I still think that it wouldn’t have taken them almost a full year to end up together if all the freaking planet was trying to push them towards eachother. But that minor and slightly unrealistic fact didn’t prevent me from enjoying that story very much. I loved Gabe shyness even if it became a bit much at some point, I still could relate with him. How he wasn’t actually that shy around people in general but regarding to Lea he became so awkward it wasn’t really like him at all. I was like that once. Overall a very sweet story with great characters (even the side characters were great, and they all had a nice role to play which is good. Well… I guess we could argue about the importance of the squirrel but it was cute nonetheless)

4.75 STARS


Happy Reading 🙂


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  1. awhh, tu me donne vrmt le gout de le lire!

    1. C’est sûr que tu vas aimer ça 🙂

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