Destined for Doon – Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Following my last reviewof Doon, I read the sequel Destined for Doon by Carey Corps & Lorie Langdon.


I’m sorry to say that I didn’t find this book as good as the first, but let me explain why. It started out really good, with a lot more Mackenna this time ( if you are familiar with the first book, you will know they are told in 2 different points of view and that Veronica’s chapters were predominant in Doon). In short, Mackenna went back to the real world at the end of book 1 and now she’s called back to Doon by her bestie’s request and escorted back by no other than the prince she left behind. You learn that she misses him terribly and that she regret her decision of leaving. The reason she’s requested to Doon is a mysterious evil force that’s slowly eating the Kingdom away, and Veronica, as the new Queen, has to save her people and she thinks Mackenna is the key, so once they are reunited, they start trying to solve the problem.

While the writing is still great and I still loved all the pop culture references thrown about this very traditional background, I felt that the plot didn’t really evolve all that much. From the first chapter you know that Kenna still loves Duncan and wants to get back to him, yet she convinces herself that he hates her now and that it’s best if she stays away or whatever. FOR THE WHOLE BOOK, you know they are crazy about eachother yet they lie about it and for a while okay I can understand but honestly it grew tiresome. Just tell him already, jeez. So yeah, the main plot line of protecting Doon against the evil force threatening to destroy the kingdom wasnt really the main focus and I felt like Kenna and Duncan issues could have been worked out in less than 300 pages. It just got to a point where it was annoying how obvious it was while she was totally oblivious to the truth.

On another note, that ending though! Totally unexpected. Can’t tell you or I’d spoil it but I’ll definitely need to read the next book to know what happens next. I think I might have an idea to what brought on the thing that happened in the last page so if you read it comment and we’ll discuss theories!



Happy Reading 🙂


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