Update! Who’s ready for NaNoWriMo!?

Hello readers!

Talking about a lack of posting would be an understatement. Sorry!! I HAVE been reading every day since my review of Outlander, I actually been continuing the series and the books grow larger and larger! They take quite a lot of time to get through but I can’t really make a proper review of them without spoilers =/

Admittedly I could have posted something else but a lot happened in my life lately. I left the job I had at the bookstore after 5 years to go work in an office so while my interest for books stayed with me (and will forever), my focus on them lessened since I wasn’t in contact with them every day!

Anyway, the main reason for this update is the upcoming National Novel Writing Month! I must admit, when I created my blog earlier this year and wrote a page dedicated to my future participation in NaNoWriMo, November seemed very far away. I planned to do a ton of outlines in October and get myself ready with a bunch of ideas…. as it turns out, my new job as taken a lot of my energy and I completely forgot. My new schedule will probably be 12-8, 5 days a week and therefore won’t leave me much time to write daily.

However, I decided to try it anyway because 1- giving up is too easy and I’m sick of always taking the easy way out, and 2- because even if I only manage to write 20k words, that’s still going to be 20K words more than I would’ve written otherwise. Right??? Positive framing is the key!

Life often gets in the way of your dreams, but instead of letting it, you just have to dream harder!



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