Book Review: The Infernal Devices (Graphic/manga version)

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Text by: Cassandra Clare

Illustrated by: HyeKyung Baek

Clockwork Angel

Paperback, 240 pages
Published October 30th 2012 by Yen Press

Clockwork Prince

Paperback, 260 pages
Published September 2013 by Yen Press

Clockwork Princess

Paperback, 256 pages
Published July 22nd 2014 by Yen Press

This review will be of the 3 books at once, especially regarding the format and not so much the story as I’ve made a review for the novels before. So do not fear the spoilers, there will be none.

A few facts:

-I’ve never read manga, never been attracted to the genre or the format (usually really small black and white books that you read backwards) and I also prefer colored illustrations as I think they make the story much more clearer, like most graphic novels.

-These books aren’t your typical manga, they’re the size of a regular paperback, they made to be read from left to right and they have gorgeous colored art in the first few pages.

-I loved them.

Here is what I will say. It is a given, I think, that you’ll enjoy them if you read the novels prior to reading the manga versions. The story is “translated” into images very truthfully from the original story and most of the dialogues are taken directly from the books, just a bit shortened. I can’t guarantee your level of comprehension if you haven’t read the novels since a lot of details and explanations of the world are skipped in the narrative of the manga versions.

The illustrations themselves are quite typical of the genre, but I definitely recognized the characters that I loved with their physical traits. I think Baek did a great job of drawing them. You know how sometimes manga characters faces drastically change to explicit certain emotions? (they suddenly look like caricature versions of themselves) Well you get that throughout the mangas and the first time I saw that in Clockwork Angel I thought it would annoy me and remove a certain credibility of the story, but as it turned out, I loved it. It inserted a touch of humor that was only hinted in the words of the books, and anyway I told myself that I wasn’t reading them to get the exact same experience I had with the novels.

They were quick reads, but not “too” quick. I still paced myself through them and enjoyed them for what they are, and I got the same feels in Clockwork Princess that I had both times I read the book.






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