Book Review – Storm Front by Jim Butcher

StormFront_Hardcover_1-120I’ve heard of Jim Butcher on Youtube on PeruseProject’s channel as she raved about his Codex Alera series. I was debating whether or not to give it a try, but I was never interested in his Desden Files series, one he started way before. I’m not much of a fan of thrillers to begin with, murder investigations and police reports and all that. But there I was at the bookstore, hovering near the liquidation bin, when I spotted a french copy of the first installment of the Desden Files, for a buck. 1$ is pretty cheap for the first book in a series that received quite a lot of praise. So I gave in. Thing is, I work at that bookstore so I took the book with me and I read it throughout the day when I had a chance. First thing I knew, I was already 80 pages in at the end of my shift. SO. Here is a small review:

Harry Dresden is actually quite funny. A bit cynical, this contemporary “wizard” always seems to get himself in trouble. He’s too confident, sometimes annoyingly, with a smart mouth always ready to talk back. The thing is, how he always gets himself out of harms way at the last possible minute can get old and predictable. I mean, obviously, death threats and dangerous situations wouldn’t alarm any reader who know that the series contains many more books, evidently he won’t die. But what is annoying is that his plans never really work out the way he thought they would. It would be nice for him to sometimes succeed something from the start instead of always being pulled away from being killed seconds before it happens. I don’t know if it makes sense. But anyway the good thing is the magic system was interesting and new, described in a way that almost seems possible. And Dresden is entertaining, to say the least. I might pick up the next book, as I enjoyed my read more than I thought.

3 1/2 stars!



As always, you can buy this book or any other from the Dresden Files on the Book Depository and get free international shipping!

Happy Reading! 🙂


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