Book Review – The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss










The Name of the Wind is a very special   book, and for many reasons: its unique story, its perfect pacing and its author, Patrick Rothfuss.

Rothfuss is indeed a very interesting character. A «learning addict», he took 9 years to complete his undergraduate degree. And by that I don’t mean he failed his classes repeatedly, but that he kept switching majors. He studied physical engineering, literature, history, psychology and philosophy, just to name a few.

He said: To write the first draft of the trilogy took about seven years. Then it took me another seven years to revise, get an agent, revise more, get a publisher, revise yet more, and finally get the book into print. It’s a really ridiculously long process. 

During that revising time, he decided to separate it into 3, creating The Kingkiller Chronicles, a story told in 3 days, each book respectively representing day 1, day 2 and day 3.

The story takes place in 2 different time frames. 1- The somewhat present (not today’s present, but the 4 Corners’ present – that’s the name of the world) where our main character, Kvothe, tells his story and 2- the time of the story he’s telling, a few years before (which is most of the book, really). This book is fantasy to its core, but you will not find epic battles in it, nor any fantastical beasts. The fantasy of it lies in the intricate magic system, called sympathy, the mystical being that Kvothe spends the whole time trying to get to, supposedly only a legend but witnessed by him in the beginning of the story (killing his parents and all his known entourage) and also in the World, a place where technology doesn’t exist as we know it.

TNOTW surprised me in many ways, but the best thing is that it became my favorite book. The writing is perfect. It is hard to explain since I didn’t take notes while I read to determine exactly what made me like it so much, but we can definitely tell that this book had been in the making for almost 14 years.

I read a lot of what Rothfuss wrote on his blog (I strongly encourage you to visit it, the man’s a genius) and he mentioned the layers and layers of editing and revising that were involved before the publishing of the first 2 opuses of his trilogy (The Wise Man’s Fear, out since 2011, that I have yet to read).

All in all, I think it’s good to go into this book with only a vague idea of what its about and discover every detail for yourself.

5 stars

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Happy Reading!



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  1. echooutside says:

    One of my favorite books ever!

  2. mom charm says:

    Hello, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this article.

    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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